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Civil War Workshop slated for June 25-27, 2012

On June 25, 26 and 27 the Charles Town Library, Jefferson County Historical Society and the Historic Shepherdstown Commission will offer a workshop entitled "Jefferson County and the Civil War, 1862." The workshop will explore what happened in Jefferson County during the second year of the American Civil War. Topics and locations will be different each day. One of the speakers at Shepherdstown will be Shepherdstown historian and artist/craftsman Dan Tokar.

2012 Historic Trades and Music Academies

Harpers Ferry

Title: "The Art of the Forge: Blacksmithing in the 19th Century"
Date: June 9th & 10th
Time: 10-4 pm
Location: Lower Town Blacksmith Shop Exhibit
Instructor: Dan Tokar, Master Blacksmith
Description: Learn from a professional blacksmith the stock and trade of the early town's craftsmen who took great pride in leaving their mark in the town's industrial history story. Learn the difference between the forging processes of everyday utilitarian items or craftsmen at the US Armory forging weapons for national defense. Observers welcomed!
Workshop fee: $100.00 includes expert instruction, supplies and materials. Deadline to apply is June 1st.
Class Size: 6 attendees

Joy Bridy Discusses Dan Tokar's help with Bourry Box Kiln Construction

May 28, 2010: After a lot of scheming and following dead ends, Dan Tokar, Shepherdstown, WV's Blacksmith, Iron Monger, Man of Metal and Creativity, has helped to make the supportive metal work become a reality. Made of 2" angle iron, welds, bolts, and some sturdy threaded rods for the top adjustable supports, these bits of metal will help keep the arches in place when the heat gets going. Dan, a truly fascinating local phenomenon, has been a pleasure to work with, as we trotted between town and kiln in my '78 Ford.

The Rumseian Experiment

Jay Hurley (l) and Dan Tokar

Jay Hurley (l) and Dan Tokar

Blacksmith Dan Tokar forged many parts, Jay Hurley made casting patterns and machined pieces.

A visit with Shepherdstown’s blacksmith (WVPubcast, Audio 3:38)

April 29, 2010 ยท Many Appalachian towns in days of old had their own blacksmith to shoe the horses and make whatever metal objects were needed, but these days most towns no longer offer blacksmith services. In Shepherdstown when metal objects break the town blacksmith, Dan Tokar, can fix them. Tokar also crafts original pieces out of hot metal.

Early American Copper Tea Kettles

Individual contributors to our book: Daniel Tokar, master metalsmith of The Willow Forge in Shepherdstown, WV.

Early Gaelic Harp Info: history books

Book cover for Dialogue on Historical Wire for Gaelic HarpsNEW Daniel Tokar & Ann Heymann: 'Dialogue on Historical Wire for Gaelic Harps' Technical results of experiments with making historical alloys and testing them on replica harps.



Drawing 18k gold music wire (YouTube Video, 37 min.)

Daniel Tokar in his workshop, making 18 carat gold wire for use as a treble string on a replica medieval Gaelic harp. For more info on Daniel's book about making harp wire, see http://www.earlygaelicharp.info/dialogue